Team in Faith is a 501(c)(3) charity (EIN 46-3107451) that partners with international foundations and non-government organizations (NGOs) operating in Uganda and East Africa.

We support women, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) and entrepreneurs. We believe that education and access to health care lead men and women to income-generating activities to support their families and communities.

Who we are

Team in Faith was founded by Patrick Hill, who visited Hope & Resurrection Secondary School in Atiaba, South Sudan in 2012. He saw young boys and girls excelling at one of the top performing schools in the nation, despite crushing poverty, difficult cultural traditions, and campus limitations.

Team in Faith helped address the lack of capital and opportunities for entrepreneurial growth in Uganda and East Africa. Working with partners familiar with economic conditions in their communities, we look to lift lives and raise hopes of individuals, families and organizations through education, micro-finance loans, and gifts.


To support OVC, women and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential through education, income generating activities and health care.


To lift lives and raise hopes of orphans and vulnerable children, women and entrepreneurs through education and health care projects.

Organizational objectives

    • Educational support
    • Supporting people with HIV/AIDS